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Texas ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Texas. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

Texas has a total number of 5,016,989 ZIP Codes, and the first two digits range from 75-79, or the first three digits start with 733 or 885. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
TXTravis CountyAUSTIN73301
TXTravis CountyAUSTIN73344
TXSherman CountyTEXHOMA73960
TXDallas CountyADDISON75001
TXCollin CountyALLEN75002
TXDallas CountyCARROLLTON75006
TXDallas CountyCARROLLTON75007
TXCollin CountyCELINA75009
TXDenton CountyCARROLLTON75010
TXDallas CountyCARROLLTON75011
TXCollin CountyALLEN75013
TXDallas CountyIRVING75014
TXDallas CountyIRVING75015
TXDallas CountyIRVING75016
TXDallas CountyIRVING75017
TXDallas CountyCOPPELL75019
TXGrayson CountyDENISON75020
TXGrayson CountyDENISON75021
TXDenton CountyFLOWER MOUND75022
TXCollin CountyPLANO75023
TXCollin CountyPLANO75024
TXCollin CountyPLANO75025
TXCollin CountyPLANO75026
TXDenton CountyFLOWER MOUND75027
TXDallas CountyFLOWER MOUND75028
TXDenton CountyLEWISVILLE75029
TXDallas CountyROWLETT75030
TXRockwall CountyFATE75032
TXCollin CountyFRISCO75033
TXCollin CountyFRISCO75034
TXCollin CountyFRISCO75035
TXCollin CountyFRISCO75036
TXDallas CountyIRVING75038
TXDallas CountyIRVING75039
TXDallas CountyGARLAND75040
TXDallas CountyGARLAND75041
TXDallas CountyGARLAND75042
TXDallas CountyGARLAND75043
TXCollin CountyGARLAND75044
TXDallas CountyGARLAND75045
TXDallas CountyGARLAND75046
TXDallas CountyGARLAND75047
TXCollin CountySACHSE75048
TXDallas CountyGARLAND75049
TXDallas CountyGRAND PRAIRIE75050
TXDallas CountyGRAND PRAIRIE75051
TXDallas CountyGRAND PRAIRIE75052
TXDallas CountyGRAND PRAIRIE75053
TXDallas CountyGRAND PRAIRIE75054
TXDenton CountyLEWISVILLE75056
TXDenton CountyLEWISVILLE75057
TXGrayson CountyGUNTER75058
TXDallas CountyIRVING75059
TXDallas CountyIRVING75060
TXDallas CountyIRVING75061
TXDallas CountyIRVING75062
TXDallas CountyIRVING75063
TXDallas CountyIRVING75064
TXDenton CountyHICKORY CREEK75065
TXDallas CountyLEWISVILLE75067
TXDenton CountyLITTLE ELM75068
TXCollin CountyFAIRVIEW75069
TXCollin CountyMCKINNEY75070
TXCollin CountyMCKINNEY75071
TXCollin CountyMCKINNEY75072
TXCollin CountyPLANO75074
TXCollin CountyPLANO75075
TXGrayson CountyPOTTSBORO75076
TXDenton CountyCOPPER CANYON75077
TXCollin CountyPROSPER75078
TXCollin CountyRICHARDSON75080
TXDallas CountyRICHARDSON75081
TXCollin CountyRICHARDSON75082
TXDallas CountyRICHARDSON75083
TXDallas CountyRICHARDSON75085
TXCollin CountyPLANO75086
TXRockwall CountyFATE75087
TXDallas CountyROWLETT75088
TXDallas CountyROWLETT75089
TXGrayson CountySHERMAN75090